Stock photo of SPlab team (2014, photo RCS)

The TEAM of the SPLab

  • The team of the laboratory consist of a group of long-term or permanent members,  visiting people (from PhD students to professors) and a more fuid fraction group of M.Sc. students, mainly working at their thesis.
  • In total, about 15-20 people take part to SPLab activities. 




Luciano Galfetti

Full Professor - Head of the SPLab 

  • Hybrid rocket propulsion development
  • Modeling and combustion of rocket propulsion systems



Filippo Maggi, PhD

Assistant Professor 

  • Solid propellant development
  • Rocket motor performance anaysis and prediction
  • Metal combustion and agglomeration



Christian Paravan, PhD

Adjunct professor 

  • Nanomaterials research
  • Hybrid rocket engine development



Giovanni Colombo

Senior technician


  • Laboratory manager
  • SPLab local safety manager



Stefano Dossi, PhD

Post-doctoral research fellow

  • Mechanical activation development
  • Additive manufacturing development



Stefania Carlotti

PhD student

  • multiphase flow in rocket motors



Riccardo Bisin

PhD student

  • Entrainment of liquefying fuels



Alberto Verga

Research assistant

  • Implementation of experimental facilities
  • Protocols and procedures